Trey Parker And Matt Stone Talk Tonys, Trash Spider-Man Musical

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South Park dudes Trey Parker And Matt Stone went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about the amazing nine Tony Awards they won for Book of Mormon (including best musical).  Stewart asked them if they had to deal with anybody being snobs to them, to which Stone replied everyone was really nice and Parker said, “We were kinda sitting there at the Tonys and Bono and Edge got up there and we’re like [raises nose], ‘Well they don’t have a show that’s nominated for a Tony. Why are they here?’  So we’re the snooty Broadway people now.”  Adding, “‘What are those rapscallions doing here?  Aren’t they rockers?'”

Parker also followed up on the Bono comment with a callback: “South park movie I lost the Oscar to Phil Collins.  So I was like, ‘If I lose the Oscar to Phil Collins and a Tony to Bono I’d be so bummed out right now.'”  And Stone interjected Parker was still pissed off about Phil Collins.  Understandable.  Stone also mentioned that a year ago they were worried they could lose Tonys to Bono, but that was before they found out Spider-Man: Down With The Sickness Turn Off The Dark was a “trainwreck”.

The whole interview is below, and, if you’re interested in Book of Mormon, you can stream all the songs on the album for free by Liking them on Facebook.  And, as mentioned before, this won nine freakin’ Tonys.  Gee, who could have guessed us gays would support a funny musical poking fun at the people who account for only 2% of California’s population yet funded 40% of all donations (and a ridiculously disproportionate 70% of funds from individual donors) to stripping away our civil rights via Prop 8?

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