Watch Trey Songz Go Absolutely Crazy At A Detroit Show That Landed Him In Jail

Good news, everyone! If you’ve wanted that old #RN Trey Songz back, then your Christmas wish has just come true! Not only is Trey growing his hair and occasionally rocking his ear-lobe length braids again, but he’s also back to acting a fool.

The R&B sex symbol blew a gasket Wednesday night at Big Show At The Joe concert in Detroit when show promoters reminded him that unlike Motel 6, they weren’t going to be leaving the light on. Apparently, Tremaine tried to give his devoted fans “the best show he’s capable of,” but his set ran long, and promoters flipped the switch and shut sh*t down. That’s when the 32-year-old singer got mad, and Hulk smashed the stage. Trey reportedly kicked in a speaker, threw around sound equipment, ripped up a drum screen and threw things into the crowd.

To be fair, he did notify promoters he would “go crazy” if they cut his mic off, telling his adoring fans, “They say they’re gonna cut my mic off because I’m taking too much time. If they cut me off, text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell whoever you want to about it. But if a n**** cut me off I’m going the fuck crazy, ya understand?” Trey also antagonized promoters some more, singing, “Go on and do it…cut me off” over and over again.

Trey was reportedly arrested for his temper tantrum that resulted in one cop sustaining injuries. Fox News Detroit said when officers entered the stage, one of the items Trey threw hit a sergeant and he suffered a concussion. Trey Songz was booked on malicious destruction of property and resisting and obstructing arrest charges.

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