Here’s Where You’ve Seen The Man In Adele’s New ‘Hello’ Video Before

So, what has The Wire alum Tristan “Mack” Wilds been up to since (spoiler) he became a stick-up artist in the streets of Baltimore seven years ago? Starring in TV shows, releasing a disgustingly underrated R&B album as “Mack Wilds,” and, oh yeah, appearing in a music video that will probably break a VEVO record by nightfall.

The 26-year-old actor forever known to The Wire enthusiasts as “Michael Lee,” and to teens as “Dixon,” received some priceless exposure by playing Adele’s ex-boyfriend in “Hello,” the singer’s first video in several years. In sepia flashbacks seen from the winged-eyeliner eyes of Adele, Tristan plays the part of a good boyfriend before it all goes to hell and silly moments are turned to arguments in the rain while Adele wails about being sorry for breaking her ex’s heart. Dramatic.

As previously reported, Tristan will star in VH1’s hip-hop drama, The Breaks, and his R&B singer alter ego Mack Wilds is working on the follow-up album to his previous LP, New York: A Love Story.