Trombone Shorty Killed It On Conan Last Night

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Though his popularity is growing steadily outside of New Orleans, most people still probably have no idea who Troy Andrews, aka Trombone Shorty, is. It seems that everyone I know outside of Louisiana who knows of him does so because they happened upon him playing live somewhere and were blown away. And I’m pretty sure the same thing happened last night when many who’d never heard of Shorty caught him and his band, Orleans Avenue, performing on Conan — his first appearance on late night national television that I’m aware of. (CORRECTION: He made an appearance on Letterman last year, which I somehow completely forgot about. Good lookin’ out, Randy.)

According to New Orleans lore, Shorty took to the streets of New Orleans at the age of 4 with his horn (Thus the name, “Shorty.”) accompanied by his father to play for money in Jackson Square and in second lines (Jazz funerals) — money that was often used to support his Treme-based family. Now 25, his music is unique in that its a weird hybrid of rock and hip-hop mixed with traditional New Orleans jazz and funk.

In a recent NPR interview, Shorty said that he learned all sorts of musical styles because he never knew what his next gig would require of him.

Growing up, it was put in – music has put me in different situations. I spent a lot of time with the Neville Brothers and Dr. John and different people. They play different styles of music, and it allowed me to learn different styles. And then once I learned that I should try to approach different styles of music because you never know who’s going to call you, I just wanted to be somewhat comfortable on any stage. And whoever called me musically, I just wanted to know a little bit about it so I can be somewhat authentic.

On top of the unique sound, Shorty’s energy on stage that truly sells it … dude brings it. Enjoy. And as an added bonus, George Takei showed up on the show last night to demo a proper Vulcan salute. The clip is after the jump.

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