It Was True Love When A Musician With A Bill Murray Tattoo Met Bill Murray

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Bill Murray on Friday’s Late Show with David Letterman was a big deal for TV (PETER PAN), but an even bigger deal for Leeds-based punk band Eagulls, who were booked as the musical guest that night. To memorialize their fortune, in that they didn’t have to share the Ed Sullivan Theater with, say, Don Henley, the evening before the show, the band made their bassist, Tom Kelly, get a Bill Murray tattoo.

So you get the Bill Murray tattoo and then the next day, you meet him. What was his reaction?

Tom: We were at the top of the balcony at Letterman watching him do his rehearsals because he flew in as Peter Pan on a fucking zip line and shit. One of the Letterman people came up to him and he went, “Who’s playing tonight?” And she went, “Eagulls” and he went, “The Eagles?!” And she went, “No.” And he goes, “Oh, that sucks.” And then she said, “One of them’s actually got a tattoo with your name on it” and he said, “I hope it’s temporary.” I was shitting myself after that. I thought, “What happens if I show him it and he tells me to fuck off?”

So you then you showed him the tattoo…

Tom: He was talking to someone and it was getting towards the end of the night and I didn’t think I had much time left to do it so I was running quickly and I was like, “Bill, look at this!”

Yeah, that’s what every celebrity wants, for some guy to run up and be like, “Look at this! It’s not a gun or anything!”

Tom: Yeah, I start undoing my pants, “Bill, look at this!”

So what was his reaction?

Mark: He shook his head, laughed, and kissed it.(Via)

That’s probably not the weirdest place Bill Murray has kissed his own name.

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