Trump’s Got The Facts Wrong About His Inauguration Singer Jackie Evancho

Editorial Director, Music
01.04.17 19 Comments

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Since fact-checking the claims President-Elect Donald Trump makes on Twitter has become a full-time job for many, it’s time to do a little digging into his latest, music-related tweet. Given the struggle the Trump administration has already faced to find musical talent to perform at his inauguration, and Trump’s subsequent displeasure with the situation, it makes sense that he’d try to big up the one teenager who is confirmed.

See his tweet above, which came this afternoon, claiming that sixteen-year-old Jackie Evancho’s album sales spiked since she signed on to sing the National Anthem for his swearing in ceremony. As journalist Parker Molloy quickly pointed out, this is not only false, the opposite is in fact true — though it probably has little to do with Trump.

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