Tupac’s Impression Of Tony Montana From ‘Scarface’ Is Downright Uncanny

Tupac is, without question one of hip-hop’s all-time greats, but he also established a pretty solid film career as well. In fact, the amount of movies he appeared in is greater than the number of studio albums he released during his lifetime. It all started with his first starring role in 1992’s Juice, which came out 25 years ago. In honor of the movie’s anniversary, and the Blu-Ray reissue, set for re-release on June 6, Paramount shared (via Noisey) some new behind-the-scenes footage that features Tupac pulling off a super solid Tony Montana impression.

His impersonation comes near the end of the minute-long clip, and he totally nails his take on the Scarface drug lord while ribbing his cast mates. In the video, Tupac’s co-stars also talk about the deceased rapper and how passionate and fun he was on set. Omar Epps, who played Q in the film, called him a knucklehead, “but in a fun way, having fun, joking around, pushing the envelope.” Jermaine Hopkins, aka Steel, added that sometimes Tupac’s intensity during production would get the better of him:

“You piss Pac off, he’s gone, we don’t know where he’s at. He left the set. He might be arguing with the guys down the street that run the neighborhood.”

Check out the behind the scenes footage above, and learn more about the upcoming Tupac documentary here.