Tupac’s Godmother Is The First Woman Ever Added To The FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorists List

In 1977, Black Panther Party member Joanne Chesimard, who now goes by Assata Shakur (yes, that Shakur; she’s Tupac’s godmother), was convicted of murdering New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster. She was sent to prison, but escaped two years later and fled to Cuba, which is where the now-66-year-old has been ever since, possibly working on an album with her godson. And now she’s on the FBI’s Most-Wanted list, the first woman ever to do so.

The FBI says it added Chesimard, 66, to the list because she is “a supreme terror against the government” who continues to advocate revolution and terrorism against the U.S. “She’s a danger to the American government,” said Aaron T. Ford, agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Newark division, according to The New York Times. Chesimard was a member of the Black Panther Party, which was monitored by the FBI with both legal and illegal surveillance in the Sixties and Seventies. (Via)

I think she’s suffered enough, Feds; she’s probably never even seen Poetic Justice.

That’s a fate worse than death.

(Via Rolling Stone)