Twenty Years Ago Today, Nirvana Played Their Final Concert. Watch It Here.

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Nirvana’s final show ever as a band was a disaster. Things started out OK for the crowd assembled at Munich, Germany’s Terminal 1 on March 1, 1994, with Nirvana playing a fun cover of “My Best Friend’s Girl” by the Cars. But before long, Kurt Cobain’s voice began to give out. He was suffering from bronchitis, and Nirvana’s set suffered when, during “Come As You Are,” the sixth song of the night, the power went out. Nirvana soldiered on with an acoustic set until the power came back on, but according to Consequence of Sound, “Cobain’s voice strained through the rest of the [show] before it mercifully ended with a wrenching rendition of ‘Heart Shaped Box.’ The whole show lasted 80 minutes, the shortest of that European tour. Immediately afterwards, Cobain was diagnosed with bronchitis and laryngitis.”

The rest of the tour was cancelled, and on April 5th, Cobain shot and killed himself…

…here’s the final show. ENJOY.

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