Twitter Reacts To The R.E.M. Breakup News


Of course, once the initial shock wore off, there was no way the funny people who hang out all day on Twitter weren’t going to crack jokes about the breakup of R.E.M. When duty calls, they collectively step up, and I’ve collected a few of my favorites after the jump, but not before one final note regarding R.E.M. …
Am I the only one endlessly creeped out by Michael Stipe? There, I said it. Though I like the band, I’ve always gotten a distinct serial killer vibe from Stipe. Like, I could totally see him carving up people in a basement, making clothes out of their human skin while “Goodbye Horses” plays in the background. It’s his eyes, I think — there’s just something homicidal about them to me.
ANYWAY, enjoy.

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