Ty Dolla $ign Enlists Rap Heavy Hitters For His Winning ‘Campaign’ Mixtape

After lending his pen and unmistakable voice to Kanye West (“Real Friends“), Fifth Harmony (“Work From Home“), and Nick Jonas (“Bacon“), Ty Dolla $ign is back in business for himself with Campaign. Although the LA native said the 16-track project is a prelude to Beach House 3, wasn’t just thrown together with b-sides and throwaways.

For example, Dolla $ign takes on police brutality, racism, and Donald Trump with the aptly titled “No Justice,” with an assist from his incarcerated brother Big TC, who sings the hook (“Seem like shit is getting worse before it’s getting better/ It’s like the people got a curse, can’t nobody stay together/ I watch you gun my people down, plus we’re killing off each other”) and first verse through a prison phone, lending even more gravitas to the track. Despite the low quality recording, TC’s mournful voice conveys pain through its somber tone and the lyrics about topics he knows all too well.

“I keep my hands where they can see ’em, I know this could be the end of me
They say that
We all created equal but ain’t nothing about us equal
You know that (You know that)
There can never be no justice when killing us is legal”

Other collaborations include the previously heard rowdy title track with Future and party anthem “3 Wayz” with Travi$ Scott. Wiz Khalifa (“Pu$$y”), Migos (“$$$ (Where)”), and Meek Mill (“Watching”) are also on hand to lend the singer-producer an assist.

If Campaign does really turn out to be “just” leftovers, just imagine what Dolla $ign is cooking up for Beach House 3. Stream the project below and purchase it on iTunes.

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