Ty Dolla $ign Compared Himself To Bad Brains While Talking ‘Free TC’

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11.16.15 2 Comments

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Ty Dolla $ign’s new album Free TC dropped on Friday, so he sat down to talk about the album with Rolling Stone. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but what is unusual is the touchstones Ty$ uses to talk about his current hit “Blasé.” The “Paranoid” hitmaker compared himself to D.C. hardcore punk legends Bad Brains when discussing his latest single.

As soon as I played the whole album for everybody at Atlantic, they were like, “‘Blasé,’ that sh*t’s f*cking dope.” Every time I play it, there’s mosh pits and sh*t, people getting beat up. I don’t want people to get hurt — the energy of that song makes people want to f*cking go crazy. When I perform it, I feel like some Bad Brains sh*t, new black punk.

That’s far from the strangest shout-out in the interview. While talking the long-delayed album, he talks about his love for house music, Jagged Edge and Babyface, the latter of which appears on the album.

“I got all my favorite elements that I grew up on. Jagged Edge is one of my favorite R&B groups. Babyface is one of my all-time favorite producers…I was super grateful that he would work with me…We’re basically the same guy except he has a million Number Ones and I have one or two.”

Check out the whole interview over at Rolling Stone and stream Free TC below.

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