Tyga Faces Jail Time After Reportedly Trashing A Mansion

08.11.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Most of us, famous or not, have dealt with pesky landlord issues before: maybe a late fee here and there, an arbitrary pet deposit, a delay in getting a light fixture or a leaky faucet repaired. We’ve also heard that old adage that “stars, they’re just like us.” But not this time. In perhaps the most unrelatable landlord issue of all time, Tyga could face jail time for evading a landlord in Malibu, California, and skipping a court date after trashing a mansion that he rented back in 2011. His landlord at the time, Gholamreza Rezai, is seeking almost half a million dollars in damages.

Rezai’s landlord, Boris Treyzon, spoke with People about the issue:

“Tuesday was Tyga’s day to appear in court, and he didn’t show up. We requested the court to issue a bench warrant. The court agreed with us that Tyga’s actions have been not what society demands of him, so they issued a bench warrant. Now, if he comes in contact with law enforcement, they will likely detain him and keep him detained until he posts bond.”

Even more unrelatable is the rapper’s reason for skipping court: He’s in Turks and Caicos this week celebrating girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday. Who knows, maybe the judge is a closet Kardashian fan… probably not.

(h/t NME and People)

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