Tyga Got A Tattoo To Prove His Devotion To His… Friend Kylie Jenner

Love is a crazy thing. Particularly when it’s also illegal and upsetting, but it can still make you act crazy. In this case, it can possibly make Tyga get a tattoo for — we’ll say — his close, personal friend Kylie Jenner. Perhaps in response to his former flame and baby’s mother, Blac Chyna, posting incriminating texts from Tyga begging her to take him back, Tyga decided to act quickly. Maybe too quickly.

Featured prominently on his forearm, now the entire world will know who Tyga’s heart belongs to for the rest of his days. That is unless things go horribly wrong, which would never happen, of course, and he would be forever branded with the name of a girl he barely knows. If that cruel fate does come and they do part ways, it’s still less of an “L” than “Coconut Juice.” He will persevere.

(Via Instagram)