Watch Tyler The Creator And Steve Lacy Turn ‘Colbert’ Into A ’70s-Style Dance Party With ‘911’

Tyler The Creator is on a wave right now. The So-Cal rapper just put out what many consider to be the best album of his career so far last week, Flower Boy, and last night, showed up on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert to air out one of the best cuts from that release, a song titled “911.” Joined by The Internet guitarist and producer Steve Lacy, Tyler shifted the vibe in the studio to a funky, 70’s-style disco party. He digs deep into the lithe track, while a crowd of people swing and sway just in front of him. Over his head hangs a gigantic, glowing, yellow bee.

Needless to say, Tyler himself thought the whole thing came off great.

Elsewhere, just before hitting the stage, Tyler sat down for a short talk on the couch with Colbert. He set things off right from the get-go, appearing in his boxers and grabbing the host’s butt just before their chat. “Tyler, I want to point out that when you came out here, you just touched me on the butt,” Colbert said. “No I didn’t,” Tyler responded. “You have no proof! Stephen Colbert is a liar!”

You can watch Tyler’s infectious performance of “911” as well as his shenanigans with Colbert in the videos above.