Tyler, The Creator Does Not Care For The Sound Guy At The Roxy, Obviously

12.23.11 10 Comments

If there’s one thing we learned in 2011 it’s that professional photographers, even lady ones, are in danger of being assaulted if they dare to shoot an Odd Future show, just like there’s a good chance you could get kicked in the head or something if you’re in the audience. Now, as the year slowly comes to a close, we’ve learned something else about Tyler, the Creator and his snarling, ugh, artistic collective: It’s not safe to be the house sound guy when they roll into town.

Yes, last night, in a show at the Roxy in L.A., Tyler the Creator was arrested (as captured in the Instagram pic above by an audience member) for going apesh*t on the house sound guy, basically.

Reports Stereogum:

Last night, Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator was arrested “on suspicion of vandalism” after a show at L.A.’s Roxy, as TMZ reports. He’d allegedly trashed some of the club’s equipment, and he also punched a soundman.

According to TMZ, Tyler’s mom, visibly upset, watched the police cart her away. Various Twitter eyewitness accounts also claim that members of the crowd surrounded the police car, and officers pulled out rubber-bullet guns to keep them back.

Oh, and there’s video!

So what lesson have we learned here, kids? Just don’t go to an Odd Future show, ever. It’s obviously not safe for anyone. With the exception of Frank Ocean, these clowns are, in addition to perhaps being misogynists and homophobes, obviously not ready for prime time.

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