Tyler The Creator Will Not Give You Free Camp Flog Gnaw Tickets

Getty Image

Earlier this week, Tyler, The Creator announced the stacked lineup for his annual festival Camp Flog Gnaw. Apart from Tyler himself, he’s got all the hottest acts in hip-hop, pop, and R&B, including Brockhampton, Future, Solange, and Juice Wrld.

For those who are lucky enough to be acquainted with Tyler in real life, the festival offers a great chance to “send a quick text” “just to see what’s up” and “just check in on a friend.” Maybe a quick text is all he needs to spark his generous spirit and get you some free Camp Flog Gnaw tickets!

But, as any musician, music writer, or person who lives in Austin knows, it’s all too easy to tell when a friend is trying to pump you for free stuff. Whether it’s festival tickets or the couch of your tiny apartment (Airbnbs during SXSW are just so expensive!), when you’ve got something cool or cool-adjacent, friends of friends and long-forgotten acquaintances will jump out of the woodwork asking for a piece.

Tyler, The Creator took the ultimate stand against shameless moochers on his Instagram story Friday afternoon. “Don’t hit me like ‘Can I come to the carnival with plus ____,'” Tyler wrote. “N—a we don’t speak any other time of the year and you being there is not a priority so stop while you are ahead, guys that I shake hands with once every blue moon.”

Well, there you have it. Unless you’re one of Tyler’s best friends, don’t go hitting him up for free Camp Flog Gnaw tickets. Buy a ticket like the rest of us!