Tyler The Creator Says That He ‘Hates People That Are Unaware,’ Saying ‘Goobers’ Can’t Hang Out With Him

A GQ feature on Tyler the Creator published Tuesday, and the once-“internet-rap class clown” with “shock-jock” subject matter and lyrics artist is trading in his radical adolescent phase for a serious grown man approach. In the new feature, Tyler broke down why he is mainly alone nowadays, and went as far as to say that he “hates people that are unaware.”

“You just gotta be aware of certain sh*t and just know,” Tyler said. “…I hate people who are unaware. I hate f*cking goobers. Goob-goobers. ‘Oops, I tripped.’ Stay the f*ck away from me. Everyone around me isn’t dumb. I could bring them with me on the zombie-apocalypse team.”

In addition, Tyler acknowledges that some things that disqualify people from getting to know him are “superficial” and “significant,” citing deal breakers as chunky Fila sneakers, making music specifically for social media platforms, not moisturizing, and having weed breath. Tyler adds that his concerns aren’t just superficial, and that “the absence of physical grace signals something more sinister.”

Recently, Tyler dealt with some bad press after his Camp Flog Gnaw festival mystery headliner, Drake, got booed offstage because fans wanted to hear Frank Ocean.

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