Tyler The Creator Attends A Violent High School Dance In His New ‘I Think’ Video

Tyler The Creator has released a series of characteristically strange and aesthetic videos in support of his new album Igor, and now he’s back with another one, this time for the song “I Think.”

The two-minute clip begins with dice being played on the floor of a public restroom as Tyler walks in to use the urinal. After he washes his hands, he gets brutally shoved into the hallway before finding himself at a high school dance. He appears to be looking for somebody or something, and eventually ends up somberly posing for a photo. Viewers who are paying attention to the video might also notice a brief Kendall Jenner cameo. The YouTube description of the video also reads, “a fraction of the video*,” so perhaps there is more to come on this front, especially considering the whole song isn’t in the video.

The new video comes shortly after Tyler made it easier for fans to dress like him for Halloween: His Golf Wang clothing brand has released new Igor Halloween costumes, based on the distinct aesthetic Tyler has had in promotion of his new album. The collection features $200 suits that come in “highlighter” green, pink/red, and powder blue, as well as a $30 blonde wig that also comes with pink and yellow “Vote Igor” buttons.

Watch the “I Think” video above, and read our review of Igor here.