Toronto Pop Act US Girls’ ‘Velvet 4 Sale’ Video Is A ’70s Thriller About Domestic Assault

Last month Toronto-based pop artist US Girls (aka Meg Remy) returned with single “Mad As Hell,” signalling she was readying the release of a new album.

Those rumblings were confirmed today with the release of “Velvet 4 Sale,” a new song that Remy coupled with the announcement of her latest album, In A Poem Unlimited. You can watch the video for the single above.

The video, directed by Remy and Alex Kingsmill, casts her as a police officer who arrives on the scene of a domestic assault but is initially prevented from taking any action because of a code of silence.

The song begins in the style of a ’70s thriller, with simple percussion and the sound of Remy’s breathing echoing. That backbone is then met with a slow-burning wah guitar and hypnotic bass line, which leave plenty of room for Remy’s subdued but powerful vocal.

The album, co-produced by Remy and Steve Chahley was recorded last year with local Toronto outfit The Cosmic Range as her backing band, who interpreted Remy’s sample-based songs and brought them to life.


1. “Velvet 4 Sale”
2. “Rage Of Plastics”
3. “Mad As Hell”
4. “Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say”
5. “Rosebud”
6. “Incidental Boogie”
7. “L-Over”
8. “Pearly Gates”
9. “Poem”
10. “Traviata”
11. “Time”

In A Poem Unlimited is out on 02/16/2018 on 4AD. You can pre-order it here.