Watch Woody Harrelson’s Last Day In Jail In U2’s ‘Song For Someone’ Video

07.10.15 3 years ago 2 Comments


When U2 surprise released their new album, Songs Of Innocence, on to everyone’s Apple devices, there was a little backlash. OK, more like a sh*tstorm. Regardless, the marketing move totally backfired. But for what it’s worth, the songs on the album were just normal U2 songs that most everyone enjoys anyway. So this time around, instead of bombarding us with their new video for “Song For Someone,” the group smartly debuted it after the premiere of the critically-acclaimed Sundance drama Rectify.

In the clip, not too dissimilar from the show it followed, Woody Harrelson plays a soon-to-be ex-con on his final walk out of those hard prison walls. Knowing his family is waiting for him on the outside, he’s overcome with emotion. The interaction between Harrelson and his real-life daughter in the clip is definitely enough to pull on the coldest of heart strings.

See U2? This was a much better route than being all up in our phones without an easy way to delete you.

Watch the full video exclusively over at Sundance.

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