This University Of Utah Sorority Girl Looks Exactly Like Taylor Swift (With One Major Difference)

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01.25.16 12 Comments

Meet Keitra Jane. A 21-year-old University of Utah student and Chi Omega sorority girl, Jane has found internet notoriety for bearing more than a passing resemblance to a certain “Shake It Off” singer, only with “bigger boobs,” as many have been quick to point out. In fact, Jane looks so much like Taylor Swift (even more so than the last Taylor Swift lookalike we met) that she was recently asked to appear in a video for recording artist Alex Boye’s single, “African Hipster.”

Unfortunately with the release of the video on YouTube, Jane learned the hard way that fame comes with a price, and in her case, that price would be trolls on the internet calling her fat. As if an actual twig doesn’t look “fat” compared to Taylor Swift, but she still found it difficult not to take the words to heart.

She posted the following on Instagram in response to the bullying:

At any rate, while Jane is certainly not fat, she’s still the spitting image of Taylor Swift. Here are a bunch more photos from her Instagram as further evidence. She even has her very own Olivia Benson!

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