These Album Release ‘Firsts’ Changed How You Hear Your Favorite Music

Music is constantly changing, not just in terms of the way music is made or the kind of music that is popular, but also in the way music is released. As technology changes, the way our favorite music is released also changes, and this video from Uproxx discusses six ways in which the way music was released has been made decidedly different.

For starters, way back in 1888, Thomas Edison recorded a rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and placed the recording within an animatronic doll. It is considered the very first commercial sound recording. Also, it’s an old doll singing a nursery rhyme through an archaic recording, so honestly, it’s comes off as pretty creepy.

Obviously, things have changed greatly since then. The CD was introduced, but now that’s already an obsolete distribution method, thanks to the internet. In 1998, Massive Attack became the first band to release a professionally produced album through the World Wide Web. Then, of course, there’s Kanye West, forever on the vanguard, who has continued to alter his album The Life of Pablo after he first released it, and it’s entirely possible he will never stop.

What also will never stop is the evolution of the way music is released. Someday in the future, when albums are directly downloaded into our brains, somebody will be in a future video like this. Or maybe the 8-track will make a comeback. You never know.