This ‘Uptown Funk’ Dance Mashup Seamlessly Syncs 100 Movie Scenes To Awesomeness

Uptown Funk” should have tapped out final dance steps long ago, but the song’s extended chart dominance virtually ensured enduring infamy. We’ll see the song performed live at Super Bowl 50, and the tune persists on the Internet. Indeed, a quick search on YouTube reveals countless amateur synchronized dances. The song has also received the mashup treatment with a recent supercut of classic film dialogue, which was interspersed to the lyrics of the song. That supercut took three months to splice together, and there’s no telling how much time this next creation took to make. Someone out there must really dig “Uptown Funk” to keep this dream alive and bring it to full cinematic fruition.

The creative souls over at the What The Mashup? YouTube channel seamlessly wove footage from 100 movie dance scenes into a tribute to the Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson tune. What’s remarkable about this mashup is how, yes, the video hits the obvious selections like Dirty Dancing, Grease, Risky Business, Magic Mike, Staying Alive, and Footloose. Yet we also see a number of unexpected selections such as Reservoir Dogs, Kickboxer, Burn After Reading, Rocky III, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, The Artist, and (500) Days Of Summer.

These video wizards also included some nice throwbacks to Kung Fu Hustle, Breakfast Club, and Face/Off (Nic Cage as a dancing priest!). And no supercut would be complete without those blokes from A Night At the Roxbury. Overall, a fine job, and now “Uptown Funk” will never die.

(Via What The Mashup?)