Usher Took The Phrase ‘No Limit’ Very Seriously For A Geography-Defying Performance On ‘Kimmel’

Master P was not a man to accept any limits. The Ice Cream Man knew that accepting any limitations, including the physical ones on things like space and time, was a first-class ticket to not owning a gold tank. Usher paid respect to that lineage during his performance of “No Limit” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, trouncing all over the idea of geography with a global satellite dance party.

Usher starts the performance of his Hard II Love single inside Kimmel’s studio, with dancing fans being beamed in from all over the world on a screen behind him. As Usher does his thing — namely being really, really good at singing and dancing — the camera steadily revolves between him and the audience. It’s a cool concept that gets even better when a particularly slow spin comes back around to reveal Usher on a stage outside the studio. Whether it’s a well-disguised cut or Usher Raymond telling physics “What I say goes and I’m in control” is left for the viewer to decide.

That Usher would deliver an excellent performance on a late-night set is practically a foregone conclusion at this point. We’re talking about the same guy who did that slo-mo “Crash” performance alongside The Roots back in July, someone whose talent is so evident that he managed to make a song by The Chainsmokers good.