After Three Long Years, The Incredible Debut Album From Vagabon Is Finally Here

Nearly three years removed from her last effort, multi-instrumentalist and a producer Laetitia Tamko is finally gearing up for the release of Infinite Worlds, her highly anticipated debut full-length album under the name Vagabon. While her Persian Garden EP, released in 2014, was a collection lo-fi bedroom recordings, Tamko went for the full-band experience with Infinite Worlds, playing synths, keyboard, guitars, and drums, and sometimes enlisting studio musicians to help flesh out the tracks. She also put more of a focus on her songwriting for the album, saying:

I write a lot about places, archiving my memories in spaces that I used to be in, spaces I am currently in, or spaces I will eventually be in. Archiving different moments that I’ve been thinking about, have gone through. It’s not always autobiographical though. It could be about different situations I’ve seen people I love in. Or people I don’t know in. I think that comes a lot from being in different environments. Like growing up in Cameroon. There, we are happy with very little. Then moving here and seeing how the culture differs from where I’m from.

Check out the amazing album in full below, courtesy of NPR First Listen.
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Infinite Worlds is officially out February 24th vis Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.