Valee And Calboy Show Off Their Exotic Pets In The Trippy ‘Uninvited’ Video

Up-and-coming Chicago rappers Valee and Calboy link up for the latest video in Valee’s growing collection, “Uninvited.” The GOOD Music rapper and his guest feature in an avant-garde production directed by Stripmall Productions, a pair of brothers who specialize in low-budget videos with trippy visual effects. They’ve also directed for other Chicago rising stars like Jean Deaux, Supa Bwe, and Taylor Bennett, as well as emerging Atlantic Records rapper Lil Skies.

The video sees Valee speeding down a tunnel in his car with effects that turn the drive into a psychedelic journey and rapping to himself in a mirror in a burning room while holding his puppy Furrari. Valee caught flak online recently for posting a picture of Furrari after dyeing the Chihuahua bright red, as fans accused him of animal abuse for coloring the pup and letting him walk on asphalt on a sunny day. Valee refuted their claims that the dye was harmful or that the asphalt was too hot to walk on, but if those fans get a look at this video they just might flip out again, even if the flames are only CGI

Meanwhile, Calboy shows off an even more exotic pet in his scenes as he hangs out in a bedroom with a cheetah. Of course, the animal is probably just composited into the image, but it still looks pretty cool — and slightly dangerous for Calboy, whose recent EP, Wildboy, launched him into the limelight and has his buzz increasing by the day.

Hilariously, when Valee shared the video on Twitter, he sarcastically wrote, “Do NOT watch my new video,” playing into the theme of “Uninvited.” The rapper has yet to announce a full-length project but seems to be steadily building his buzz with a series of EPs and singles, including Runnin’ Rich, which naturally features a photo of Furrari on the cover.