Valee Goes Shopping And Buys Gucci For ‘You & Me Both’ In His New Video

Valee fans have been patiently waiting for the rapper to drop his first full-length album on GOOD Music, following his 2018 EP GOOD Job, You Found Me. The Chicago rapper has been dropping hints that it’s soon to come, though, like “You & Me Both,” his first new single of 2019. It’s a minimal track, featuring a lot of repetition of the song title and a simple-but-banging production from frequent collaborator ChaseTheMoney, but it’s also a positive sign of things potentially to come.

Now he’s shared a video for the track, and even though it’s relatively straightforward, it also comes across as a bit surreal thanks to the camera zooms and some kaleidoscopic shots. In the clip, Valee strolls around a pond and does a bit of shopping (for Gucci, of course, to stick with the theme of the song).

As for Valee’s next album, he’s talked about it some in recent days. In April, he said, “I’m putting out the album the end of next month, for sure. I think I’m gonna put about 14 or 15 songs on there, all brand new songs, nothing you’ve ever heard, it’s gonna be dope.” He later doubled down on that, writing on Twitter that he’s planning on dropping two albums this summer.

Watch the “You & Me Both” video above.