The Internet Took Valentine’s Day To Task With #KeepALoveSongHonest


If you’ve been on Tinder any time in the last week, you’re well aware that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While some people celebrate the day the way it was intended to be — flowers, love songs, dinners and all that – the perennially single see it as a chance to let their cynicism flag fly. That’s exactly what is happening with #KeepALoveSongHonest, a hashtag started by the Twitter account @MusicalHashtags with idea of taking the air out of some of our sappiest love songs.

There were many grown folks who just couldn’t buy in to the idea of all-consuming love. After all, they have errands to run.

Pretend this sentence is a nifty infographic on financial issues and divorce rates.

Several users needed to set realistic expectations.

And some were just brutal.

Those who could manage to keep their relationships together took us to where the magic happens (then pulled back the curtain).

And this guy has a very serious question for us all.

No matter the answer, birds are terrible and you should leave as quickly as possible.