Vampire Weekend Teased Their New Album With A Two-Hour ‘Harmony Hall’ Guitar Loop

2013 was already six years ago, and that’s how long it’s been since Vampire Weekend put out a new album. Modern Vampires Of The City, the band’s most recent record, came out that year, but it looks like a new one is finally on the way soon. Last week, Ezra Koenig teased a bunch of (somewhat vague) info about Vampire Weekend’s next album, and now the group has shared another teaser, this time in the form of new music.

That said, it’s not a new song, but rather, a two-hour loop titled “120 Minutes Of Harmony Hall Guitars.” Although the audio is primarily looping guitars, there are some easter eggs for listeners who feel like sitting through the whole thing. Some vocals can be heard at 20:21 and 59:55 into the video, and at 1:33:53, a voice says, “I think I took myself too serious. It’s not that serious.”

In Koenig’s post from last week, he revealed that the album, the title of which he didn’t share aside from the acronym FOTB, will be a long one, with 18 tracks over the course of 59 minutes. He also said that fans can expect new music soon, writing that the band will release six new songs before the album comes out.

Listen to the two-hour loop of “Harmony Hall” above.

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