Vampire Weekend Explore Their Jam Band Influences On Their Latest New Songs, ‘Sunflower’ And ‘Big Blue’

Last summer, when Vampire Weekend returned to live performing, it was with a significant nod toward the music of jam bands, through their booking of a Grateful Dead cover band to open for them, their artwork, their t-shirts, and even the choice to launch the whole thing in the crunchy artists town of Ojai, California. And so far as they’ve released music from the upcoming Father Of The Bride, they’ve demonstrated the infatuation through the music, as well. On “Harmony Hall,” it was filtered through a ’90s Horde Tour lens, but on their latest double-drop, the influence is even more apparent.

Although they promised two new songs for February, “Sunflower” and “Big Blue” took an extra week to get out the door. You can listen to the new tracks above and below, as well as check out the official album art for Father Of The Bride. Vampire Weekend has also confirmed the album release date for the new collection, which will be out on May 3 via Columbia. “Sunflower,” which features The Internet’s Steve Lacy, will have a music video shot by Jonah Hill released in the near future, as previously reported. These two songs follow the band’s previous double release of “Harmony Hall” and “2021.”