Vampire Weekend Tease New Music From Their Upcoming 18-Song Album For Next Week

Philip Cosores

As Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig noted in an Instagram post today, people have their own sense of time. So, while it may seem like forever since the 2013 release of their last album, the wonderful Modern Vampires Of The City, for the band, it was just the right amount of time. But now the wait for new VW music seems to be over, as Koenig revealed that two new songs will be released next week, along with a whole host of other information.

LP4’s title was not unveiled, though the initials FOTB were given to it in the social media post. In addition, Koenig offered up that a pair of songs will be released every month until the album comes out, with a total of three drops before the album. That would seem to place the release of the album around the April timeframe, but that should be revealed next week. Also, the new album will contain 18-songs and run for 59 minutes, though Ezra is not quite ready to call it a double album. As for the upcoming song titles, Koenig just gave initials for those as well, “1. hh/2021 2. s/bb 3. tl/uw.”

Check out Koenig’s full post below, and get excited for the return of Vampire Weekend, the band of the internet era, next week.