Watch Vanessa Hudgens Rap Nicki Minaj And Belt Celine Dion Back To Back

Vanessa Hudgens is showing off her chops at the Billboard Music Awards tonight, she’s co-hosting right alongside a legend like Ludacris — who has yet to show off his CGI abs, but hey we can dream — and she is eager to live up to everyone’s expectations. As part of that, her co-host asked her to pass a few tests to prove her music fandom right at the top of the show, and Hudgens nailed both with flying colors.

First, she proved she’s a true Nicki Minaj stan — a barb, if you will — by rapping Nicki’s “Monster” verse with the kind of ferocity that only someone who has sat in their room summoning all their girl power and channeling it into the lyrics while belting into a hairbrush could do. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she immediately followed that up by belting out some Celine Dion with pitch-perfect bravado. Look, there’s plenty of us who can rap along to Minaj, and there’s also a fair handful of people who have the vocal chops to belt out a Celine track, but being able to pull off both, and in such a short amount of time (!)

That’s it, Vanessa Hudgens is accepted into the club. Even Ludacris had to admit he was impressed. You will be too when you see it. Make sure to check out the full winner’s list in the meantime.