Enjoy This Homeless Man’s Entertaining Piano Rendition Of Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’

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07.04.15 6 Comments

We’ve seen plenty of hobos and homeless people with hidden talents in the past, but this guy might top the heap. Donald Gould went viral the other day when a video featuring his piano playing in Sarasota, Florida hit Facebook and drove some folks wild. You can see him playing Styx above, but Gould also tosses in a little classical music here and there to keep audiences entertained around town. It’s part of a public project in Sarasota according to Fox News, and Gould takes advantage:

The skinny, weathered piano man is Donald Gould, 51 who became a cyberspace sensation when a video of one of his performances was posted on Facebook the other day and drew 1.5 million shares overnight.

“What I hope to accomplish is to touch a lot of people, make them feel good,” Gould told Fox 13 in Tampa Bay.

He grew up playing music and his passion endured while he was a Marine and a college student. About 7 years ago he ended up on the streets after struggles with drugs and alcohol, the station said.

Gould plays for tips at pianos placed around the city as part of a public arts project.

“It passes a lot of time and I’m homeless; that’s my hustle out here,” he told Fox 13.

Some expressed in the comments that this will go away soon given the setting is Florida and the state will screw it up at some point, but Fox also notes that some business owners are concerned that folks will take advantage of the tips and use it to support bad habits.

A GoFundMe has been created to help get Gould off the streets and it is currently at $22,816 of a $50,000 goal after two days. Not too bad for a guy just playing a tune for folks. Hopefully it works out in the end.

(Via Fox News / Sly Dylan)

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