Video: Justin Bieber Covered Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' At His Detroit Show

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07.29.13 11 Comments

Habitual loogie-spitter and possible Douchebag of the Century contender Justin Bieber performed in Detroit last night, and of course that meant that he needed to break out into a cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” complete with standing in one place and waving his hand up and down while looking like he needed to poop.

The performance came after one of Bieber’s tour buses was stopped and treated to a little drug dog sniffery as they drove in from Canada to Michigan, and the authorities confiscated marijuana and paraphernalia, according to TMZ. Naturally, the driver was only issued a citation and no one was arrested, because transporting drugs across the border? That’s barely even a paddlin’ these days.

What I’m most concerned about, though, is whether or not Bieber is intentionally stealing his latest fashion looks from Duckie in Pretty in Pink or Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Either way, I’m looking forward to his eventual Back to the Future 2 look, complete with Hoverboard.

(H/T to the Blemish)

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