Watch U2 Play The New York Subway In Disguise

U2 finally made their highly touted appearance on The Tonight Show, a bit more abbreviated than they had originally planned. The band made the best of it by taking part in Jimmy Fallon’s little activities, the stand-out being their street performance from a New York subway platform while wearing some ridiculous disguises.

Fallon and the band threw on some wigs and fake facial hair to surprise commuters by posing as a group busking while playing some of the band’s classic songs. The ruse didn’t last long, but it looked like an interesting experience and people seemed to enjoy their free music this time around. The band did look like a group of rejects from the Freedom Rock commercial, so I can’t blame them for cutting that short:

Elsewhere on the show, Bono discussed the bike accident that put a damper on their plans for a week long residency on Fallon’s show and made fun of it by going on a bike ride with the host. It didn’t end well:

(Via The Tonight Show)