Vince Staples Doesn’t Want Anyone Tweeting Him About ‘Big Fish’ Missing From The Grammy Nominations

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Vince Staples doesn’t want his fans tweeting harsh criticisms of the Grammys or the nomination committee after his futuristic album, Big Fish Theory, was missing from the nominations that were announced today — even after an online campaign kicked off by this publication. The normally outspoken Staples doesn’t want his sometimes-vociferous fanbase possibly threatening his future moneymaking opportunities by associating him with any backlash, especially now that a pair of his songs have been featured in the trailers for two future Hollywood blockbusters, Pacific Rim: Uprising and Black Panther.

“Dont talk to me about the grammys,” Vince tweeted, before elaborating with an admonishment to his fans that, “If you wanted it nominated you should’ve listened to it. Now I have other things to attend to, enjoy your day.” Of course, he couldn’t stop there, and referenced one of his old lines to further illustrate the point. “‘N—-s want grammys and sh*t thats funny to me.’ – Vince Staples 2012,” he quoted, “In clearer words for the ones of you that aren’t that bright, I dont care like that.”

In classic Staples fashion, he also began addressing responses, starting with a shot from one user who reminded him, “but you tweeted multiple times about it. you do care.” Vince’s response? “Because the white people write think pieces you gotta beat them to it.”

He finally made one last appeal, “Im encouraging people to not tweet me “Fuck the Grammys” on my behalf fucking up my money and Im salty? I cant win with you Camry driving n****s. Tweets will be deleted in five minutes for aesthetic purposes.”

The tweets in question can be found below, but just in case, screenshots will be provided as well.