Vince Staples Wants To Direct An Episode Of ‘American Horror Story’ And FX Should Let Him

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When Vince Staples isn’t causing a frenzy with his off the cuff tweets, he’s killing beats and cementing his reputation as one of the best young rappers in the game. The 24-year-old is a force to be reckoned with, but apparently he has his sights set on another arena he wants to conquer: Television.

Yeah, like most horror fanatics, Vince was glued to his TV on Tuesday night taking in the latest episode of FX’s hit series American Horror Story: Cult, when the thought occurred to him, maybe he should get involved with the show somehow. So, Vince took to Twitter to make his pitch to the powers that be to direct an episode of AHS, complete with a premise for the episode.

“FX should let me direct the next season of AHS I got this idea about a blackout in the projects,” he said on Twitter. He then dubbed the premise “African American Horror Story,” before telling FX and AHS they should talk numbers. If Vince’s name isn’t known in Hollywood, his voice certainly is after both the Black Panther trailer and the Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer utilized his tracks as the score for the exciting previews of both films.

Plus, the premise of Vince’s episode does sound interesting, so maybe FX should sit down and talk numbers with him.