Vince Staples Cancels His GoFundMe Retirement By Telling Haters ‘Get The F*ck Off My D*ck’

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Of all the big names in hip-hop, Vince Staples might be the last one haters want to test. After receiving criticism for his performances on his recent tour with Tyler The Creator, Vince started a GoFundMe campaign to allow his detractors an opportunity to donate to his early retirement from the rap game at $2 million. When they failed to come anywhere close, he presented them with their secondary option: “Get The F*ck Off My D*ck.”

In the video for his GoFundMe, he sassed critics with his signature sarcasm, telling viewers they could “donate to the cause of $2 million dollars, which will allow me to shut the f*ck up forever and you will never hear from me again. No songs, no interviews, no anything. If not, you can choose to let me do what the f*ck I want to do, when I want to do it. Get off of my d*ck, or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours. Either way, we appreciate you.”

As the fundraiser currently sits at just $1,284, I think it’s safe to assume that the folks harassing Vince about his live show and outspoken demeanor are more talk than action, which means the rest of us get to continue enjoying his futuristic take on gangsta rap themes and Black liberation.