Vince Staples Proves He Can Rap Over Anything In GTA’s Eerie ‘Little Bit Of This’ Video

Vince Staples has proven over the course of two excellent EPs and a masterful album that he can murder dense, claustrophobic beats that mirror his typically bleak subject matter. But “Little Bit Of This” — a collaboration with Miami DJ duo GTA — proves that Staples sounds just as good in the open air.

Over a bed of throwback house sounds, Staples sounds downright bubbly (much like an ice-cold Sprite.) And the video takes him out of the spooky locales of clips like his Prima Donna short film and drops him in a sideshow entirely populated by cars from The X-Files. It’s all great, which shouldn’t be surprising coming from Staples. He’s proven to be good at everything he’s tried, whether that’s starting community programs, taking stands or just sh*t-talking the Olympics.

Our only knock on “Little Bit Of This” is that its title is too accurate. The two-and-a-half minute song is just long enough to leave you wanting more. Let’s start a petition to get Staples over Masters At Work and Harddrive as soon as possible.

The track comes from GTA’s upcoming album Good Times Ahead, which is out 10/7 and features collaborations with other Uproxx favorites like Tinashe, Tunji Ige and Iamsu!