Vince Staples And Juicy J Keep The Money Phone Alive In A Late Night Performance Of ‘Big Fish’

Vince Staples and Juicy J hit the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage to perform their collaboration “Big Fish” from Vince’s latest album Big Fish Theory, and the one big, huge takeaway is this:

The money phone is never, ever going away. Ever.

The Sprite-guzzling, Long Beach emcee has earned a rep as one of the most engaging late-night performers in rap, from “Love Can Be” to “Smile on The Tonight Show, the funniest rap cat around exudes charisma and gravitas as he raps about life at the bottom and his struggles to survive in the shark tank that is North Long Beach.

Meanwhile, Juicy J, who holds down the hook on the EDM-flavored, uptempo track, begins the appearance holding a large stack of money to his ear while rocking a red, all-over print tracksuit and it might be the greatest thing anyone has ever worn on television. Vince is naturally more reserved, with a hoodie, jeans, and clean white sneakers the only thing he needs to prowl the stage. Fans at the performance early got an extra special treat, as Juicy broke off a few bills from that stack and started throwing money in the crowd. I don’t know when Vince and Juicy will ever perform “Big Fish” together again live, but sign me up if/when they do.