Wait, Alison Brie Is In A Band?

Wait, did I miss something? Alison Brie has a “band” — called “The Girls” — that she’s performing with, like, on the road? According to the (Le) Poisson Rouge website, that is indeed the case.

THE GIRLS (who sing other people’s songs) are a Los Angeles based trio performing songs of a semi-impromptu, sometimes humorous, always harmonious nature. Oh, and written by other people. Featuring Cyrina Fiallo, Julianna Guill, and Alison Brie, THE GIRLS will woo you with tunes by some of their favorite artists including Bruce Springsteen, Alabama, and maybe even some Childish Gambino.

Well, I know at least one guy who’ll be there, lurking creepily…

The rest of us will just have to stay home and watch this, I guess…