If You Want To See Arcade Fire Live Next Spring, You Have To Dress Up

Tickets for Arcade Fire’s 2014 tour go on sale on Ticketmaster later this week. You’re already aware that you’re gonna have to pay approximately $39,082 and your first pet’s skeleton in fees to see the band live, but there’s something else you should know: in the “Please Note” section, there’s a notice that reads, “NIGHT OF SHOW: Please wear formal attire or costume.” Yes, if you want to see Arcade Fire next year, you have to wear a tux.

Or dress like Binder Full of Women or Kony 2012 or some other costume that you DON’T regret spending all that time and money working on last year. Arcade Fire has already implemented the dress code in recent warm-up shows, but there’s a big difference between making fans put on their finest sassy Rick Grimes get-up around Halloween than in March, at whatever the hell the KFC Yum! Center is. My suggestion: be a dick, and say you’re OBVIOUSLY a reflection of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection…of yourself. Done and done.