Some High School Students In Washington Are Making Their Classmates Donate Money In The Cruelest Way Possible

Led by the student body president, a leadership class at Tenino High School in Washington is trying to raise $500 to donate to the Crossover International Academy in Africa. It’s a commendable cause, as the money will help provide meals, beds and other necessities for the school’s 254 orphans, and as of yesterday afternoon, they’ve raised $332 of their goal. Pretty impressive, right? What’s more impressive is the diabolical tactic class prez Connor Stakelin and his cohorts are using to get their fellow students to pay up.

Between each class and during the school’s lunch hour, they are playing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” on a loop with the hopes that it will drive everyone nuts and people will fork over whatever loose change they have to help the class meet its goal. However, as impressed as I am with this plan, I have to warn these ambitious students that this is the kind of idea that could ultimately lead to some very painful atomic wedgies. Tread safely, you philanthropic geniuses.$swfw$bimPlayerPageUrl

“Oh my God my head is about to explode right now,” said student Zack Chamberlain.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve had five Ibuprofen already,” he said.

Other students don’t mind the Bieber music; it’s the repetition that’s getting to them.

“We’re done listening to that song over and over again. It’s getting very bad. I just want to go home,” said Jasmine Moore, a student. (Via KING 5)

The Justin Bieber “Baby” offensive is only one part of an overall effort to raise $1,200, but if they need any other ideas to bump this sucker up to five figures, I’d like to suggest changing all of the preset radio dials in their parents’ cars to a dubstep station. Those middle-aged dorks will be blowing through their kids’ college funds to get them to stop.