Watch A 5-Minute Trailer For The New Foo Fighters Series ‘Sonic Highways’

Tonight marks the beginning of a week that will be all things Foo, from Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters setting up shop at The Late Show with David Letterman for musical performances every night this week to the premiere of Sonic Highways at 11 PM ET on HBO Friday night. The new series tells the story of how Foo Fighters hit the road to record the album of the same name (set to be released on Nov. 10) by embracing the sounds of some of America’s biggest music cities, while joining local artists along the way to discuss “regional relevance” and those “cultural sounds,” and recording each song in a different studio.

In this new 5-minute trailer for Sonic Highways, Grohl and his bandmates explain the process that went into the series and album, as well as how they could manage to tell such amazing and deep stories in only one-hour episodes. Perhaps the most interesting aspects of Sonic Highways, though, are how Pat Smear explained that he “really liked falling in love with cities that he actively disliked before” and Nate Mendel viewed Sonic Highways as a tribute to America. It goes without saying that short of Guy Fieri showing up to try new foods, this sounds like it’s going to be an amazing TV series. (Although, I wouldn’t really mind if Fieri was there, too, so long as Smash Mouth isn’t one of the local bands.)