Watch Eternal Pop Diva Mariah Carey Pose For Cameras While Her Crying Son Is Dragged Away

Getty Image

When Mariah Carey is in pop diva mode, there is no stopping her. Literally, no one and nothing can disrupt the orbit of diva that surrounds her — not even her own flesh and blood. She will not allow it. It is a Carey crime in the Carey law books.

Nothing better illustrates this than this new Vine video taken during Carey’s Hollywood Walk of Fame celebration this past week. The clip shows the “Hero” singer posing for the cameras — flashy grin, squared up shoulders, everything — all while her son is being dragged away from her kicking and screaming, as children often do when not given the attention that they want. Girl does not flinch for a second.

The best is when Carey looks at her son for a split second, still grinning big while cameras flash behind her, with eyes that seem to say: “Oh, oh, how cute. You actually thought I, eternal pop diva of the universe, would actually stop what I’m doing.”

(Via BuzzFeed)