Watch Kanye West’s Strange Reaction To This French Woman Who Has No Clue Who He Is

While Kanye West was peddling his leather pants in Paris this weekend, he ran into some paparazzi and was unusually nice to them. The paps caught Kanye on camera asking somewhat politely to not ask him any questions like their American counterparts usually do, and he thanked them for not being the kinds of scumbags that try to sneak into his home at night for a quick picture of his baby. All in all, it was surprisingly tame and probably had something to do with the fact that he’s still facing charges from his alleged assault on a paparazzo back in July.

But politeness isn’t any fun, so the reason for posting this video is the fact that a woman walked by as Kanye was waiting to get into a building, and she had no clue who he was or why people were taking his picture. One of the paps filled the rapper in on what was going on and the result was a lot like that slow motion clip of Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaking*.

However, I think one of two things is happening here:

1) The popular opinion – Kanye’s ego is crushed when someone actually has no clue who he is, and he just needs to get away from the camera because he’s humiliated.

2) My opinion – he doesn’t care who she is, he just doesn’t want to be breathing the same air as any of us peons any longer than he has to.

Either way, the way he shakes her hand is how I imagine he shakes everyone’s hand.

*This one!