Watch Kendall Jenner Be Totally Illiterate At The Billboard Music Awards Last Night

Kendall Jenner was supposed to introduce the Australian boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer — which are hailed to be the second coming of four pretty Jesuses — at the Billboard Music Awards last night, the only problem being that Kendall Jenner isn’t so good at reading and almost called them One Direction. Before I actually watched the footage I was thinking, oh, she probably bungles a line or something, which is great to make fun of and all — but if I were standing before thousands of people I’d probably choke, too.

No. Aside from the fact that she could not remember the name of the band she was supposed to introduce, which was the sole reason she was even there, she literally says that she’s “the worst reader.” As such, I would like to give Kendall Jenner a warm welcome to the You Had One Job meme for being basically the Charlie Kelly of the Kardashian empire. Maybe next time they can just hold up some pictures for her.