Lil Xan Heads To Rehab For ‘Xanarchy’ In The Steve King-Directed ‘The Man’ Music Video

Lil Xan’s Total Xanarchy album title to be specific, isn’t about a movement encouraging xan-fueled anarchy. It’s about getting Xanax dependence out of hip-hop – something like Tupac’s Killuminati album title was about extinguishing beliefs of a shadowy guild that controls the world. The creative titles are one thing the two artists have in common – that and having performed “California Love” to ruckus fans. After the controversy Xan stirred by calling Tupac’s music “boring,” he’s been the latest young rapper in the crosshairs of hip-hop traditionalists.

Xan initially chafed under the pressure, posting concerning social media posts before pivoting to assert his toughness, but he seems to be over the controversy. And now, he’s embracing his rise.

Cue “The Man,” the latest single from his upcoming Total Xanarchy album. The thumper was treated to a creative music video directed by Steve King, which features Xan where else but in rehab. By the time the catchy hook starts and the other rehab attendees are marveling that he’s the man, it’s clear the San Diego rhymer was just suffering from an overdose of feeling himself. Time will tell if that same energy is reflected on his debut studio album, which will debut April 6.