Watch Rap Phenom Token Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk In This Exclusive Clip

For all that 17-year-old Ben Goldberg had to overcome to get his shot at a performance on “Sway in the Morning,” words almost failed the child rap phenom when he came face-to-face with the huge opportunity. The rapper who performs under the name Token — and has battled with a language learning disability all of his life — had no idea what kind of situation he was walking into.

After his appearance on our most recent episode of Uncharted, Token took the time to perform a few of the verses that didn’t make the cut for his star-making cypher performance, and we can say that they definitely weren’t cut for quality reasons.

“When I was first told about the Sway opportunity, I thought it was only going to be me who was rapping. I actually wrote double the material I performed during that verse. I spit around 120 bars… but I prepared 250. I had an 11-minute verse planned,” he said. “The day before, I was told that it was not only going to be me. I decided that it was not right to go for 11 minutes if I wasn’t the only performer, so I spent the day cutting my verse in half and rearranged the whole thing.”

Check it out up top.

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